Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


Day 1 of the carnival (the children's day) has mostly gone pretty quietly - for some reason they didn't have the usual bloody loud amplified gospel singers outside the nearby Baptist church, though it wouldn't surprise me if they were there tomorrow, and the vast speaker stack that's usually on the road at the other end of the road isn't there, possibly because there's some road works down that end and they may have been unable to get a permit for it. But I needed some exercise (it was raining all day yesterday) so I took a long walk to Camden Town in the afternoon.

Tomorrow I might take the bike out for a spin, or another walk to quieter climes - I need to find out if there are any other events in London that might be worth a visit.

Right now the noise level is wobbling around 45-50dB, which isn't that much more than usual, apart from the last few whistles, horns, etc., and there don't appear to have been any serious incidents, so I think I can say it's been a pretty good day.

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