Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

A culinary flop - and a new euphemism to dislike

I fancied burgers and don't have any suitable meat in the house, so I tried to make a soya-based burger using the meat-flavoured soya meal I use for spaghetti sauce, cous-cous, and chilli sauce to bind it, plus onions, garlic, and a little ginger. It sort of worked, but the burger disintegrated when I tried to turn it over, obviously the chilli sauce didn't hold it well enough. I'm trying to avoid eggs (not for veggie / vegan reasons but because I'm trying to cut down on cholesterol) which is what I used to use for this; can anyone suggest something else that might do the trick?

The TV was on in another room while I was cooking and I heard an American politician, I think someone senior in Congress, saying that America should launch an immediate attack and describing this as "muscular diplomacy" if I didn't mishear him. Is this the new euphemism for "killing hundreds of people, many of them entirely innocent"? If so I really don't like it...

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