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Copyright problems

The English House of the Future is an article about the future of architecture in Britain - written in 1903, there are contributions by various architects, and a small essay by H.G. Wells, a little over a thousand words... for which his estate wants a payment of £100 before they'll let me put it on line. That simply isn't going to happen, so I'm considering my options.

Basically, without the Wells part it isn't very interesting, but does have a couple of nice pictures showing bits of London in various styles with "futuristic" cars and airships. But they really need the article to make sense. Wells' copyright doesn't expire until August 2016. So should I...

Poll #1934616 So should I...

So should I...

Put the article on line without the Wells part?
Put the pictures on line and wait until 2016 to add the article?
Leave it until 2016, when Wells' European copyright expires?
Something else? See comments...
Ticky box!

Later: What I've done in the end is mention that the article exists, and ask that if anyone knows of it being on line anywhere outside the UK they let me have the details, so that I can link to it.
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