Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Gear4 Unity Remote

I was complaining that iPads don't have infra-red ports and can't be used as TV remotes easily - then when I checked I found that there are several companies making infra-red add-ons for them, of which the nicest looking appears to be this, the Gear4 Unity remote:

It's also quite cheap, which surprised me, despite appearing to have good reviews.

Basically, it's a bluetooth to infra-red pod, running on a couple of AA batteries; you download an app which sets up the iPad as a universal remote via the external module, it can then operate as many different devices as you program into it.

Has anyone used one of these? Any problems? In particular, how does it cope with equipment in several different parts of a room? Do you have to keep aiming it at the appliances or does it cover a wide area?

later: since nobody seems to know, and it isn't horrendously expensive, I've bought one - if it turns out to be horrible I can always sell it on.

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