Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Waiting for cheapo

Since I've been in all day waiting for the cheapo couriers to turn up and take the scanner (estimated pickup time 08.00 - 21.00 - as of 8.30 PM I'm still waiting) I decided to break the back of sorting my DVDs. And amazingly I've got the job done - also checked all the laserdiscs, for a grand total of 750 or so disks, of which about 12 were duplicates if you ignore titles that are on DVD and laserdisc. I now have all of the DVDs in numbered boxes... except for five which somehow didn't get a number. Fortunately I can sort by the time they were added to the database, which should help to pin down which box they're in.

The software I used for the DVDs in the end was DVD Profiler 3 - it costs about £20 but it seems to be much more reliable than its rivals, provided the bar code on the box is correct, and has lots of other search options if that fails. Also a ton of different report generating modes, ranging a page per DVD with full details of DVD down to a simple list of titles and which box they're in, which is what I did. There's an ipad app available, but I've ended up putting a PDF copy of the list onto my iPad, it's really all I need.

For laserdiscs I used this site - - which is free, works somewhat like library thing and has a pretty good success rate provided you're prepared to try different options on some disks. It can do DVDs too but I suspect has a lot more holes in its database, since that isn't its main function. It's also a place to trade / sell disks, which may come in handy sooner or later.

Over the weekend I should get rid of the duplicate / unwanted SF books and will then be able to get cracking on my other books. And eventually get some serious redecorating etc. done once I've cleared out more of the crap.

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