Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

DVDs for sale!

As part of my clear-out I've listed some duplicate DVDs on ebay, ending on Thursday night.

Batman - Mystery of the Batwoman - not quite Mask of the Phantasm but close.
The Batman Superman Movie - another excellent animation
Ocean's Eleven - the remake
Highlander: The Source - spit! Not a duplicate, I just want to get rid of it!
X-Men 2 - single disk version
The Matrix - single disk version
Dexter series 4 - possibly the best season
Vampire Hunter D - classic Japanese animation, dubbed
Eureka Season 3.0 - unused
Warehouse 13 Season 1 - unused
Futurama Season 1 - Still as silly as ever
Gladiator - Region 1 2-disk set

Also selling the bluetooth to infra-red remote thingy, ending tomorrow.

If anyone's interested and wants to make an immediate offer on anything that doesn't have bids let me know - remember that these are all UK PAL releases apart from Gladiator, and postage outside the UK will be VERY expensive.

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