Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Oops... - and off to Novacon tomorrow.

Just accidentally put a cheapish 32mb memory key pod thingy through the wash with my jeans. When I realised and got it out after an hour in the tumble drier it was still damp and hot and didn't work properly - I could see file names but couldn't access them properly. After it cooled down I'm delighted (and a little astonished) to say that it's working perfectly.

You try doing that with a floppy or a zip disk and see how far you get...

This is probably my last post for a couple of days since I'll be heading to the Novacon SF con after work tomorrow. Ought to be back Sunday, may get on line before then since the hotel does have WiFi (albeit horribly expensive) but it's more likely I'll resist temptation and spend any spare time writing. Got my unfinished stories and FF IX on the laptop, I'll try to get at least a couple of hours of writing if I can.

Don't do anything naughty while I'm gone ;-)

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