Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Colour lasers again

The Ricoh SPC240DN duplexing colour network laser printer I mentioned a few weeks ago is available for less than I thought; someone has then new at £73 inc delivery on add £11 for a 3-year warranty.

The down side is that the toners supplied are chipped to 1000 pages; the up side is that the toners can be refilled and re-chipped to 2000 pages for about £15 per cartridge. So if I buy this I can expect to get say 800-1000 pages, refill, and say another 1800-2000 pages for a total price around £133, or a bit under 5p per colour page, say 1p per mono page.

I think this sounds like a pretty good deal - it's probably overkill for my needs, and it's a big heavy printer, but my idea of having a mono laser and a separate colour inkjet has turned out to be a mistake, with the inks drying out before they got much use. The mono laser is down to about a third of a cartridge, and they are expensive and difficult to refill. The Ricoh looks better than my last colour laser, and I was happy with that for several years.

Bottom line, I'll probably order one today unless someone suggests a good reason not to, and try to flog the mono laser while it still has some toner.

Later - now purchased, probable delivery Thursday. We'll see how it goes...

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