Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Back - and Moon thing finished.

Back from Novacon - goodish con, but I spent most of the time feeling vaguely unwell, which has happened to me a couple of times before at that hotel. I'm not convinced the air circulation is as good as it should be, plus I always go to Novacon after work, which means I am dead tired when I arrive and don't seem to catch up properly.

Unfortunately the book auction and fan fund auction were both cancelled, books due to a lack of books donated and fan fund because the time allocated for it was instead needed to set up for the disco. Since they seem to need about the same time for disco setup every year I'm not sure why they persist in scheduling things against it, seems a bit daft.

Left a little earlier than usual since I was feeling so naff, got home about seven, and am now feeling more or less okay. Weird.

I managed to finish writing the FF IX space travel section while I was there, finishing off the editing and getting the chapter links sorted out on the way back. Explained what it was about to autopope and he laughed at most of the right places, so I think I'm reasonably happy that it's pushing the right buttons. Charlie, incidentally, is largely responsible for me producing a working CD-ROM rather than an unusable pile of guano back when I was working on the initial release. That gives me a bit over three weeks to finish everything else and launch at Dragonmeet, which is just about doable if I don't panic.

And so to a light supper and bed, I think.

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