Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

PDF of With the Night Mail and As Easy as A.B.C.

I've decided to make a PDF containing With the Night Mail and As Easy as A.B.C. Looks like it's going to come out about 60-70 letter pages (I use letter, not A4, since there's slightly less wastage printing letter on A4 paper than vice versa).

A couple of questions:

Should I put in small illustrations with links to big ones, or larger (possibly full letter page) illustrations? Which is more convenient? I suppose it depends if you print things out, with something like this I don't know what people will prefer to do. Bigger illustrations mean a bigger final file size, of course. In this case that may mean MUCH bigger.

Can anyone identify the symbol on the left of the word "Hansen's" in this illustration and point me at a Windows character set that includes it, or anything like it:

The character number would be useful too.
Tags: forgotten futures, kipling

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