Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

With the Night Mail and As Easy As A.B.C. - The PDF - again

I've made a few small changes, fixed a last couple of typos (I hope), and added page numbers and bookmarks.

About 4.29mb now.

If nobody has found any problems I'm going to put links on my web site etc.

later and as if by magic I've just found the November 1905 McClure's magazine on line, and need to make some changes to the PDF and my web site to reflect that. All minor though - a little more information on the different versions of the story, and illustrations, unfortunately not incredibly well scanned; a coloured version of the girl on the overhead ramp thing, and a different illustration of the rescue, which I had already but in a very poor scan. I'll probably put them on line but won't add them to the PDF, I think. Revisions should be on line in an hour or two.

6 pm - Revised PDF is now on line - file size is reduced to 4.15mb (forgot to do it earlier).

7 pm - Revised art page and With The Night Mail are on line.
Tags: forgotten futures, kipling

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