Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Which illustration?

One last question on the illustrations:

I have two versions of the same illo, one from McClure's magazine (and in colour), the other from the Windsor magazine (and I think a bit clearer) but grey scale. I currently have the grey scale image in the PDF.

Which should I have in the PDF? Remember that this will be on a letter-sized (slightly shorter than A4) page in the document, so either will end up the same size.

Of course, if anyone has any brilliant suggestions on improving the colour picture that would certainly help.

later: Oh good grief! I just discovered that one of the illustrations from The Windsor Magazine is missing from the PDF; I thought it was only in McClure's magazine but it's in both. I shall have to do some revising. And I think I'll go with the colour illo, it cleaned up quite well when I ran it through some filters.

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