Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Ikea annoyance

As part of sorting my books I want to deal with the clutter in my bedroom, by putting in some better shelving. The problem is that the room is up a very narrow staircase with a U turn and low ceiling, and the wall I want to put it against is only 150cm high (the roof slopes in above that. This means that flatpack furniture is pretty much the only option, and to get as many shelves as I want I'll probably need to buy something taller and cut it down to fit.

The Ikea GORM range looks good for this, but there's a problem - my transportation options are somewhat limited - public transport or motorbike. And since the ones I want come in a 174cm package the bike is pretty much ruled out.

I used to be able to cadge rides off my brother-in-law for this sort of thing, but they've got a Porsche now and it won't fit. And Ikea want to charge nearly as much for delivery as the shelves cost.

So - later on today I may be trying to transport about 25kg of shelving by train and tube... wish me luck!

later Got to Ikea, tried lifting it, the combination of weight and awkward meansd there's no way can I manage two at once, or the unit plus extra shelves. So the game-plan now is to go back much earlier tomorrow and get another, then go back for extra shelves and a couple of other things I want.

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