Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


Thanks to lil_shepherd pointing out that Thor 2 was showing in 2D at the Vue Cinema in Shepherds Bush I decided to change plans a bit and see it today.

I've never been to the Vue before and it turns out to be better than the Whiteleys cinemas, which I tend to think of as my local cinema; most notably, it's huge with (I think) nine screens, it's a lot cheaper for over-sixties, and there's a Weatherspoon pub on the floor below - unfortunately I didn't know that before I got there, and had already bought sandwiches, which was a nuisance because Thursday is curry club day at Weatherspoon pubs and I could have really gone for one if I'd known.

The move itself was immense fun - I think I may have read the comics it was based on many years ago, but I didn't remember enough of the plot for that to be a problem. It was nice to see all of the Midgard parts set in London, and not only the really touristy bits but industrial areas etc. I shall ignore the tube train silliness, anyone who really thinks you can get from Charing Cross to Greenwich by tube (or any other realistic form of transport) in less than half an hour deserves their blissful ignorance. I'm not going to get too specific about the plot, or say anything about the little teaser scene at the end; I'll just say that if you've enjoyed the other films in the current sequence you'll like this.

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