Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Buying a new PC

I think I need to start thinking seriously about buying a new PC, this one is showing signs of its age that make me think that I may need to replace the motherboard, starting with an all-new machine is probably a better idea.

At the moment I don't really want to go the Mac route - it's tempting, but there's too much software I depend on that's Windows only, and to be honest the price is a little offputting. I don't want to go with Linux at the moment, there appears to be no support for my scanner and I'm not happy with the Linux OCR software.

Basically, what I want is a reasonably fast processor, good memory and hard disk size, CD/DVD R/RW (preferably with room for a second drive but it isn't essential), lots of USB ports, and able to use a PS/2 keyboard. Graphics need to be reasonably good, e.g. accelerated etc., but I won't be running many games that require blazingly fast performance - currently Oolite is my main time sink in that respect - and I don't mind installing a card if I have to.

For operating system I'd prefer Windows XP or 7 - not keen on Windows 8 from the little I've seen of it, and I wouldn't touch Vista with a barge pole.

One of Morgans' offers look quite good, but I'm far enough out of touch with the market that I'd appreciate it if people could take a look and tell me what they think:

HP 8200 Elite SFF/Desktop Intel Quad Core i5 3.4GHz PC 4GB RAM 250GB HDD Win 7 Pro
Not keen on the hard disk size but they might be able to upgrade if I ask nicely, and the rest looks reasonably OK - £349.95 - refurbished 6 months warranty - has a gigabit network port as standard which could be useful.

Does anyone have a better recommendation? This sort of price preferably, though I could go a little higher if I had to.

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