Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

Linux woes

I've got my main computer working again under windows, mostly by deleting Net Framework 4 and the program that used it, which unfortunately is the automatic backup to network drive program. I shall have to be very careful about manual backups for the moment. I still think I need a more modern computer, but a little of the urgency has gone.

While I was messing around with Linux I made an annoying discovery - my network printer, the Ricoh Aficio SP C240DN, doesn't appear to be supported at all. I've tried other Ricoh drivers as recommended on a couple of sites but so far no success. Anyone know a fix for this? The best bet I have so far is printing to PDF, saving to the network drive, then printing the file from my iBook, which is not really practical for everyday stuff. It unfortunately means I can't rely on the backup computer to be useful if I convert it to Linux, so I shall have to sort out some sort of Windows fix.

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