Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland

The joy of GLADSAX

Ikea sell a frame called GLADSAX which is designed to hold LP covers, and allegedly deep enough that it will hold a double album. Neither London branch stocks it, and it isn't available by mail order. About half their branches have it in stock, but I really don't fancy travelling to another city to get a £6.00 frame, and postage on top of the price would make it a bit silly.

Is there anyone on my flist that's (a) going to an Ikea outside London in the near future and (b) likely to be somewhere I'll be in the next few weeks?

Places I'll be in the next couple of weeks:

A party on Saturday - if you're going to it you'll know where it is.
The Tun on December 5th
Dragonmeet on December 7th

Please DON'T go to a huge amount of trouble with this, it really isn't that important. But if someone does happen to be planning an Ikea shop and will be at one of those venues please check availability and let me know.

Update - please forget about this; I think I'm going to buy s double width frame so I can display the thing open, the centre picture is a big B&W still which I think is my favorite. Just waiting to hear back from an ebay vendor.

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