Marcus L. Rowland (ffutures) wrote,
Marcus L. Rowland


Pro - Working well and blazingly fast, for the moment at least doesn't need an accelerated graphics card - running Oolite at maximum resolution and most processor-intensive graphics, ditto Videolan. After I type this I'll probably install Celestia, see how that goes. Or go to bed, which might be a better idea.

Con - the button to eject the CD drive is WAY too stiff - the whole computer moves first!

It turns out that my current versions of Acrobat and Omnipage pro are too ancient for Windows 7 - I had a feeling that might be the case. REALLY wish I'd done this while I was still an educational user, that's an extra money hit which could have been smaller but it's pretty much essential. Bit the bullet and ordered them anyway.

More once I've finished installing everything. For now reasonably happy.

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