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BtVS / Modesty Blaise - Related Events VIII

Many apologies for the very long delay (nearly three years) on this - for some reason I was completely blocked on it. I think I know where it's going now, and hope that you'll feel it's been worth the wait. Previous parts are here. Warning - Character Death.

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Not sure how soon I'll post the next part - I know where this is going, but it may take me a while to get there. Comments please before I post to archives.

BtVS / Modesty Blaise - Related Events VI

Here's part VI of Related Events, my BtVS / Modesty Blaise crossover. I'm afraid it's the dreaded revelation scene - or rather scenes - there really doesn't seem to be any way to avoid it.

Previous parts are here

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There was going to be more of this, but it's already too much the stereotypical "outsiders find out about the supernatural," especially in the first part, so I may move on a bit for the next part.

Comments please before I post to archives - in particular, does the military stuff in the second part, the way the characters react to each other and the jargon used in the briefing, ring more or less true? The Artists Rifles part is straight from Wikipedia - came across it when I was looking up the SAS, decided to use them, then remembered that autopope had been there before me in The Atrocity Archives, a book I thoroughly recommend.